Bonnie Shell's Life Stories

What are your favorite movies?

Probably my all-time favorite movie is Gone With the Wind. It was a good historical story, the costumes were beautiful, and it showed that a girl who grew up pampered was not afraid to protect her family and get her hands dirty when the going got tough.

My other favorites are Dr. Zhivago and Funny Girl. Dr. Zhivago is a great love story, and Funny Girl is a fun musical. I love Barbara Streisand, and it is filled with her songs. I rarely watch a movie twice, but these three I have watched many times.

Many years ago, my friend Mary and I saw a movie that was so sad that the two of us cried out loud. I don't remember the name of the story, but it was about three orphaned children. The oldest boy, who was about twelve years old, had to find homes for his little brother and sister. He pulled them in a wagon and went house to house in their neighborhood, asking people to please take them in.

Since watching that movie, I cannot watch movies that show children being abused, lost, kidnapped, or any other bad things happening to them. It really hurts me.

I guess I'm a softie. I don't watch violent or science fiction movies.

I usually don't listen to the critics because I've seen movies that they bragged about and didn't enjoy, and I've enjoyed stories that critics didn't rate very highly.

We used to go to the movie theatre in Madison. The movie was $2.00, and there was free popcorn. We enjoyed going for the 10 AM showing because, typically, we were the only people there.

We have not gone to the movies since the pandemic. Maybe soon.