Bonnie Shell's Life Stories

What are your favorite TV shows?

Many years ago, when I was a stay-at-home mom, I got hooked on the soaps Young and the Restless and Bold and Beautiful. I still enjoy the daily drama. I see the same characters every day, and they have become like part of the family.

Most of the shows I watch are on CBS because this was the only station we got decent reception before cable. Lately, I have liked watching the Chicago shows Med, Fire, and PD. I like it when they show where they are fighting a fire or a crime so I can picture the neighborhood.

Another show I like is Death in Paradise on Brit Box. I like Brit Box because the stories are usually one hour long. I have access to Netflix, but too often, when I try to watch a full-length movie, I get distracted, lose interest, or fall asleep. I also like some of the shows on PBS, such as Miss Fisher, Father Brown, and Midsummer Murders.

I like mystery stories and comedies, but I'm not too into documentaries. I guess I lead a dull life, and mysteries take me to a more interesting world.