Bonnie Shell's Life Stories

What was life like in the 60s?

The 60s were some of my most fun years. I worked at A. B. Dick and had a job I loved. That's where I met many lifelong friends, including my best friend, Marge. Those were the years I did a lot of traveling. For fun, I went to many polka dances. I danced every weekend. My cousin Larry had a friend (Ed Swiderski) who played in a polka band called the Naturals, and a whole group of us followed the band.

A. B. Dick Company sponsored bowling teams and golf teams for the men and women employees. I belonged to both. I also sang with the Sweet Adelines group and later the Pitch Pipers. I was always busy. I lived at home with my parents, so I did not have a lot of responsibilities. Don't get me wrong; I helped with house cleaning, laundry, and cooking.

I also dated a lot but did not meet Mr. Right in the 60s.

When I met Marge, I had just returned from my first trip to Hawaii. We both bowled and got to talking about my trip. Marge indicated that she would like to travel, too. So we agreed that our next trip would be together. Marge and I got along very well and were great travel companions.

Our first trip was to Mexico. We planned to rent a car when we went, but after we rode in a taxi to the hotel, we decided driving was not a good idea. Our other trips were to Bermuda, Arizona, twice to New York, and Las Vegas. We had crazy experiences on all our trips. Some years, we spent our weekends and some vacations in Wisconsin at my parent's summer cottage.

Those were the years when some of my friends married, and I was a bridesmaid three times.

I wasn't ready to get married in the 60s. I was having too much fun and advancing steadily in my job. I was one of three women in the company with supervisory positions.

I loved the 60s, but every decade brought new adventures.