Bonnie Shell's Life Stories

What things did your parents argue about when you were little?

I don't remember my parents arguing much when I was a child. When they did, I had no idea what it was about. The few times I remember them arguing, my dad would leave. Unlike many men who would go and get drunk, I found out my dad would go to the movies. A few times, he fell asleep, and the usher had to wake him up when they were closing. As a result, he didn't get home until midnight. On those occasions, I would secretly cry myself to sleep because I was afraid my parents would get a divorce.

When I got older, my dad would get mad at my mother for coddling my brother. Because he had worn glasses since he was little, my mom would not let him play ball or run around like a normal child. When we would stay in Wisconsin with my grandparents, instead of playing with our cousins, my brother would cry almost the whole week. My mom did not do him any favors.