Bonnie Shell's Life Stories

Who inspires you?

Different people inspired me at different times in my life. For example, my parents inspired me to be kind and loving to the people around me from a young age.

I was an only child until I was five. When my sister was born, I was so excited. I treated her with much kindness that people accused me of spoiling her. I was the second grandchild on my mom’s side, so I grew up caring for all my little cousins. I guess my maternal grandmother inspired me to be close to family.

My Aunt Sophie (my father’s oldest sister) inspired me to travel when I got older. Because of her urging, I joined a singles tour group and visited Hawaii. That trip was so fun that it inspired my best friend Marge and me to take many memorable vacations. In addition, my Aunt Sophie and my Dad were instrumental in my love of math, and I worked with numbers all my adult life.

In High School, my inspiration was Sister Joan. She taught me the power of prayer. She said that Jesus is your best friend, and you communicate with good friends often.

During my early working years, I had a boss, Mr. Hugh O’Hara, who inspired me to believe in myself and my good qualities. At his urging, I worked my way up the ladder in a company with only three other women supervisors. I learned to speak up for myself and not let anyone take advantage of me.

In my senior years, I hope to be an inspiration to some people I have met through my journey in life.